Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Snorkeling

We are having lots of rain today and so the company had to cancel the snorkeling for today.  While the kids were bummed, they all climbed back into bed and fell back asleep.  I think we will try to do the rainforest today and I am trying to set up a snorkeling event tomorrow but it might be tough this last minute and the weather might not be better tomorrow.

San Juan was fun.  The kids got a chance to shop and we got to tour the fort there.  It was very hot and humid but had a great lunch and then headed out to the Wyndham Rio Mar.  Big thanks to Ryan and his iphone for being my navigator.  Hotel is nice.  The boys went in the ocean and pool last night before we did our kayaking.

The Bio-Bay Kayaking excursion last night was incredible.  No one fell in however AJ and Brandon started a water fight with one of the tours so she tipped them over.  It was all in good fun and they got her back with a cold water bucket when we returned.  I am supposed to get a link with the pictures they took from last night so once I have that, I will post it and you can check it out. 

As the trip begins to wind down, I just want to remind you of a couple of things.  First is that we arrive at 8:30 p.m. on Monday.  We are flying US Airways (I hope) in from Philadelphia and will be arriving at concourse 2  If you would like to park in the cell phone lot and we can call you when we are ready to get picked up that is fine.  Otherwise you will have to park and ride the shuttle.  If you have any questions, please email or text me.


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