Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Post (I hope)

Well parents and friends,
I hope that this will be our final post of the trip.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly with flights tomorrow and we will be home and giving you all hugs tomorrow evening.

I let the kids sleep in this morning so most of them didn't wake up till like 10 or 11.  We got lunch and then did some shopping and the it was to the beach.  It was great weather wise so we had lots of fun in the waves. Had our final meal at a great Puerto Rican resturant.  My steak was great.  The kids are currently doing their final devotion for the trip and then it will be time to pack and head to bed.  We are leaving for the airport tomorrow morning at 8:30 EST so when you wake up we should be on our way to the airport.  9 hours of flight time and we will be home.

Thanks for the prayers.  Look forward to seeing you all.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pics from San Juan

Please be sure to read the post from AJ and Brandon about what we did today.  Here are some pics from yesterday and our time in Old San Juan.

Saturday, July 23rd

Hello how are juu guys? It's AJ and Brandon tonight so you mine as well keep reading.

So first off our snorkeling was cancelled due to a Category 5 hurricane no we're just playing weather was a little rough. But that's alright because we ventured up into the rainforest and hiked up Mt. Britton it was like 3,600 ft up or something ridiculous like that.

There were all these sweet springs with the most beautiful waterfalls. It was so pure and relaxing it almost made me forget about snorkeling. It gave us the opportunity to see what true beautly lies within nature.

We had the afternoon to do whatever so the boys went to the beach and into the pool. The water is almost perfect temperature it just isn't cool when people decide to ride jet ski's and totally kill all the waves. Who knows what the girls were up too.... there girls. Anyways we ordered up pizza and had our devo in Elise and Julia's room. We talked about how to be like-minded with Jesus as we serve him throughout life. Paul's letter to the Philippi talks more in depth in chapter 2 it says in verse 4"Not looking into our own interests but the interests of the others." This verse really shows the meaning of what serving others is about. We made a list on our cloth of words that represent the obstacles that come with service, the list included Ego, Desires, Wordly Things, Age, Fame, Greed... etc. Anyways were going to go on an adventure around the hotel so we will talk to you guys tomorrow.

Much Love. God Bless