Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buenos Noches Chicos es tu favaritos Brandon y Dylan.
(Good night friends this is your favorites, Brandon and Dylan)

Today has been quite the day. So first off everyone keeps asking Aaron and I if we are brothers and mexican?! What's up with that? Anyway, today we started Kid's Club and everyone else worked at Pastor Frank's house scraping paint, painting, and pressure washing his basketball courts.

The Kids are the cutest and even though they're not the most fortunate, they all have a smile that could light up the world. Even though the language barrier is hard they still think we all speak spanish, it's pretty funny. During our evening activity we spent the day at the beach

and I'm not saying San Diego beaches are paradise but the water was grey and a little over salted for my liking. We have just started Puerto Rican pop band Rico Suarez(Ryan), Tito Cortez(Brandon), and Sean(Aaron). All is good so please parental units, don't worry.

At Club today our theme was Act Different. We read the story about the Good Samaritan and how he not only spoke of his beliefs but took action. When we come home we will try to take action more instead of just speaking and we want you guys to take the challenge with us. We all know the devil is quite good at what he does and we also know it's easy to give into these temptations. Well anyways it's lights out; Much Love. Tito Cortez and Dylan are out. Dios le bendiga (God Bless)

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