Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday July 18th

Hey Parents! This is Elise [none of the kids felt like blogging tonight, it's been a looooong day]
We're in Puerto Rico!! It was such a process getting here; it's really lovely to see how appreciative everyone is just to be here now.

Our first day with Youth Works was spent doing a lot of cleaning. Jim had Dylan and AJ cleaning out a church around the corner

While I had the rest of our group cleaning out the stairway of Catacumbas [the church/school we're staying in]
After lunch Jim AJ and Dylan went back to manual labor around another corner, scrapping paint off of walls. While the rest of the kids got to prepare for a kids club we get to run tomorrow morning [this included a pretty great skit I'm going to try to capture for your entertainment tomorrow]

After dinner activity was a walk down to a plaza which housed Rexcream. Delicious ice cream in all sorts of awesome flavors [all in Spanish, ordering was fun]

Here's some pictures of the rest of the day.

More tomorrow, Jim's taking this away from me. I can't complain though, I can't wait to sleeeeeeep!

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