Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miercoles- Julio de veinte de 2011- Erica y Alana

Hope you're appreciating the California weather back home cause we're sure not..Right now at about 10:30 in Puerto Rico, it is 88 degrees with 70% humidity. IT'S HOT. But no big deal cause Alana and I are mobsters.
We worked with little ninos and ninas today at an apartment complex. It was cool to see all of them enjoy our company and to regain some long forgotten Spanish from school.
The best part of the day was when a little girl named Carol drew a picture of Alana and whispered in my ear, "Ella es muy bonita". It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Our night time activity included worshiping with the local church group the air conditioning...we're spoiled. Singing is spanish was even more fun for Alana due to the fact that she can't really sing in the public showers with the other 30 girls surrounding us.
We miss you all and keep us in your prayers!

Erica y Alana

P.S. Be ready for Rico, Tito, and Shawn...the Puerto Rico pop band with Aaron, Ryan, and Brandon that we witnessed in the car today.

P.S. We will have some pics from where Elise and her group have been serving tomorrow.  Because they were working with kids, they have not been able to take pics but they will be given the chance tomorrow.  Here is one from where Jim, Dylan and AJ are.

P.S. Alana wants to make a shout out to KITTY! <3333....and other family too.

P.S. Erica wants to make a shout out to mama y bapi!! Can't wait to see you on Monday.

Final Note from Jim - Parents, everyone is very healthy.  We are all keeping well hydrated and your kids have worked very hard.  The Site Director complemented our group on their work ethic so you should feel proud.  Looking forward to a bed and a nicer bathroom though.

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