Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final Post (I hope)

Well parents and friends,
I hope that this will be our final post of the trip.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly with flights tomorrow and we will be home and giving you all hugs tomorrow evening.

I let the kids sleep in this morning so most of them didn't wake up till like 10 or 11.  We got lunch and then did some shopping and the it was to the beach.  It was great weather wise so we had lots of fun in the waves. Had our final meal at a great Puerto Rican resturant.  My steak was great.  The kids are currently doing their final devotion for the trip and then it will be time to pack and head to bed.  We are leaving for the airport tomorrow morning at 8:30 EST so when you wake up we should be on our way to the airport.  9 hours of flight time and we will be home.

Thanks for the prayers.  Look forward to seeing you all.


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